Venture Dorm Week 4

This week at Venture Dorm we were discussing Customers, Users and Payers. We had the entire group together this time instead of two smaller groups, and it was really good to hear the rest of the class’s ideas and progress! Matt pitched for us this week, and did a great job of it. Some of our highlights this week were:

Getting Flinders University and DECD on board for BO$$CAMP, and starting to get volunteers organised for this event – so far we have about a third of the people we need for the event which is being held in October. The BO$$CAMP team is very happy with our work so far on this, and we’re working through how to engage more volunteers and encourage people to come on board. We also had a big breakthrough with our international volunteering sector – we have an affiliate style relationship at the moment with Legacy of Hope International (Cambodia) and have already gotten some revenue from this! We’re also starting to understand what our model for this should be a lot more. We did some surveying on both sides of our market, and got some great figures out of it. 60% of the people surveyed held a bachelors degree or higher, 70% have volunteered before, and 75% of people wanted to be able to use their skills in a volunteering setting, so it’s important to get those who are keen for this sort of thing connected with suitable projects or organisations. 

Our biggest struggles now are dealing with legalities and liabilities – something we’ll need to look into. It was suggested that perhaps we get in contact with Volunteering SA as they would probably have some legality information and training outlines. 

The responses we’ve been getting from organisations have been varied – at the top end, they have too many volunteers and can’t organise them. At the other end, they don’t have much cash to spend and no volunteers, so it’s a matter of finding a model that works for that range. They’re all very excited about getting good volunteers, though, as it’s very adhoc with a lot of manual processes and ending up with the wrong volunteers. 

Some other things we need to start doing is looking into getting more projects happening and automating the process of matching volunteers a bit more so that scaling isn’t so much of a problem. We also need to talk to some people about the legality and liability part of our organisation.  


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