Venture Dorm Week 5

This week at Venture Dorm we were discussing Channels. Sami pitched for us this week, and updated the class on our efforts of the previous week. 

We did a bit of research and spoke to about nine people, and unfortunately, only one of those people said that they’d pay for our service. The type of service they’d be looking for would be to get someone in on a long term basis, eg, someone to do their books once a month. However, on the positive side, we have received confirmation of payment for BOSSCAMP, and have received $3600 in revenue for our overseas volunteers. 

We also did some research into different areas where we thought volunteers may be useful, such as at schools. Teachers want a relationship with volunteers before the event, and usually only want volunteers for once off events, like sports days. For the more ongoing things, like reading to students, they want people from their own network, like parents and guardians. We also spoke to some volunteers – and found that when they want to volunteer things from their skill set, that they prefer to do once-off things, otherwise it becomes more like a second job to them. When they want to do long-term volunteering, they prefer to do things outside of their skill set, because it gives them the opportunity to learn new skills. 

We did, however, find a new potential source of volunteers – people who need to get back into the workforce. People who get injured at work, need to find a way back into the workforce and as part of their rehabilitation program often need to acquire skills in various areas again. Volunteering is a great avenue for people to gain these skills again, and we could help find them suitable placements. 

We asked the mentors and group about how to get some companies to take our seriously and pay attention to us. We’ve had some interest from some companies, but said that we were too small. Credibility is a hard thing to gain. It was advised to get some partners to come on board with us, which will lessen the risk for bigger companies. We have a bit of work to do in this space – we need to run some trials and find some people with credibility who would be willing to partner with us. 


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