Venture Dorm Week 6

This week at Venture Dorm we were presenting on customer relationships. Sam handled our pitching this week. We got a lot of good questions and suggestions from the mentors and other VD teams, such as:

I think it’s fantastic using the volunteers as a blogging channel. Have you thought about how you’re going to manage volunteers having a bad experience? Do you have a contingency plan for when things go wrong for the volunteers?

How do you use the power of your volunteers to leverage your brand? Maybe consider having some policies or protocols. You’re selling a good experience. The best marketing you’re ever going to get is people who’ve had good experiences.

The quickest way to market is to leverage from an existing partner, and you provide the technology they don’t have.

When you pitch something so general, there’s a lot of competitors. You can either narrow your focus into a range where you have no competitors, or you say “we’re better than all the competitors”.

You don’t necessarily need credibility before going to market. Elance did the reverse and were quite successful. They went and pitched to the free lancers, and said this is the place for you to be. THEN they went to the market and said they have x consultants you can tap into. If you were to find a way to tap into pools of volunteers, I think there’s a very credible example of going the other way around.

When you pitch, never apologise. People have come along to hear you pitch, not apologise.



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